GTdb - Site Help

GTdb provides an online exchange and leaderboards for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue lap replay files.

GTdb is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Sony, the Playstation Network or Polyphony Digital, nor, in fact, by any commercial enterprise at all. Instead, it's endorsed by a whole lot of damn quick drivers!

1. Where do I register?

You do not need to register at this site. Instead, use your existing PSN Login to access GTdb.

2. But I don't want to give GTdb my PSN login details!

You won't.

If you watch closely, you'll see that the login is via a secure connection from your computer to (You can use your browser to verify the SSL certificate that identifies the PSN site.)

Your communication with the site is completely private — we will not see your login details; we will only receive a "key" from the site indicating that your login was successful.

This key identifies your account like a license plate identifies a car. It does not reveal any additional information - we can't even use it reliably to get your online name from PSN.

3. How do I post a replay?

Connect a USB storage device to the PS3. Then, copy the replay to the device using the "Saved Data Utility" in the PS3's "Game" menu. Unconnect the device and connect it to a PC.

On the PC, use the operating system to create a zip file containing the "PS3" folder you'll find on the USB device. For best results, make sure the folder does not contain any other save files.

To post, go to your homepage at gtdb, accessible by clicking on your user name above right once you are logged in.

4. How do I download a replay?

Click the lap time in any lap listing at GTdb to download the replay file.

You need to be logged in to do so, and you need to have posted at least one replay file yourself.

To get the replay onto your PS3, unpack the zip archive you downloaded onto a USB storage device. Remove the USB device and connect it to the PS3. Use the "Saved Data Utility" in the "Game" menu to copy the file from the USB device to the PS3.

5. Why does my replay not show up in the event I posted it for?

You probably didn't tell GTdb the PP class your replay is meant to go in.

Repost your lap, and when you see the lap details (car used, track, lap time etc.), use the dropdown box and the submit button at the bottom of the page to update the lap classification.

6. Why is using the clutch prohibited?

Because it's more fun on a level playing field!

7. Why does GTdb not accept standard physics model replays?

Because we're a snotty and condescending bunch!

8. Can I delete a posted replay?

Yes! To have that arranged, send mail to root (at)

9. I would like to contact the people behind gtdb, please.

→ root (at)